Cotton Twist Mop With Magic Eraser Scrubber

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Do you love the idea of a traditonal cotton mop but dread the thought of wringing it out by hand? We'll look no more, the Mr. Clean Super Cotton Twist Mop with Magic Eraser Scrubber allows you to clean your floors how you'd like but then gives you the ability of a more hands off wringing. This mop is equipped with a ratcheting handle to twist the water out of the mop head with intervals of locking. This allows the mop head to tighten without you having to worry about loosing your grip. And when your done an easy-release button allows you to untwist the mop head so you can get back to the task at hand. What's more on the end of the mop is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Disk allowing you to easily take care of tough spots. Use this and more Mr. Clean cleaning tools to help get your home clean and the job done right.
Wipe down pole with damp cloth.