Magic Eraser Squeeze Mop

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The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Squeeze Mop makes mopping a breeze. The head is just like the Magic Eraser you already love for cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom, but now it's designed for tile, stone, vinyl and marble floors. It makes quick work of spills and scuff marks, it gets deep into grooves in flooring, and it easily picks up dirt and grime. The mop squeezes dry easily, so you have just the right amount of water for cleaning. The mop head is easily removable so you can replace it with a new one, when needed.

  • for sparkling clean floors
  • the magic eraser you love is now a mop
  • safe for use on vinyl, tile, marble and stone.
  • Not recommended for wood floors or rough surfaces
  • Effective squeeze action keeps the handles dry
Wipe down pole with damp cloth.